Weird Websites On the Internet

weird websites

The Internet is a Virtual world which has more than 1,185,309,232 and still counting and it’s difficult to find weird websitesWe all know the Internet has different kinds of websites like Facebook is the no 1 social media site and youtube is the top video site but here you don’t know some weird websites, funny websites, crazy websites which can blow your mind. Yes, I’m serious there are some really weird websites too on the internet but it take’s a lot of years to find it but you don’t have to worry I have found the top 15 weird websites which are live on the internet


Yes, I’m serious there are some really weird websites too on the internet but it takes a lot of years to find it but you don’t have to worry I have found the top 15 weird websites which are live on the internet

so after finding a lot on the internet here are some 15 really weird websites I found on the internet which you can Check it out when you’re bored are when you have free time and you can share it with your friends about these site’s and have some fun checking this weird internet sites. so here we go Let Check All these Weird Sites and share with your Friends.

1.Eel Slap

From the name itself you can understand hitting something with and Eel in this website you can see a white guy and an Eel on your screen and you can hit the guy by moving your mouse with Eel.And these website’s is especially for women.So if someone hurt you can visit this website and put all your anger on this white guy but the guy is cute so I don’t think that girls will hit him

What Do you Think about these weird Websites Right in the comment section below?

2.Endless Horse

In this Website you can see a horse is made with text and the legs of the horse will never end so the horse will never end.
you can try this and get bored by seeing the horse is not ending but wait we have some more weird websites I know this website is weird but not interesting. but you can give it a try I hope you like it

3.The Nicest Place On The Internet

If you are upset and Depressed how things are going in your life ,how people you are treating you, you must visit this website because you are worth it because No Matter How Tough It is, It’s Never Late To Fight For Your Happiness, To Fight What you wanted to be and Don’t lose confidence because everyone has Something Special .
Get Free Hugs Here Because it is the Nicest Place On The Internet Where You Can See Real Not On the Earth Like Fake People. – www.thenicestplaceontheinter.net
So Let’s Move On to the Next Website

4.Rainy Mood

This Website Helps you to focus, relax, and sleep and that’s all you need to be successful in life – www.rainymood.com


When Someone Gave you a task and you don’t want to do it just simply visit this site and click on the button and see the magic

6.Staggering Beauty

In this website, you can move a beautiful worm with your mouse
just give it a try I’m sure you will love it. www.staggeringbeauty.com
Tip: Shake it Vigorously and you will see the magic
Warning: It contains Flashing Images which can affect

7.Feed The Head

In your spare time, you can play these fun game if you are interested but make sure check this out www.vectorpark.com/head/

8.. Omfg Dogs

Cute Little Dogs From Hell
Just Check them out i hope you will love it
Tip: when you move your mouse it look’s like they are running very fast but they are not running it’s just a reflection. – omfgdogs.com/

9. tholman texter

The place you can write and draw anything by using the quotes with the help of your mouse
Tip: Use your mouse right click and move it quickly it increases the size of the words. – http://tholman.com/texter/


The Biggest Joke Of the Internet this white guy created a website ilooklikebarackobama.com because someone said him to take advantage from him hhahahhahahah I don’t think this guy looks like Obama but you can visit and write what do you think about it in the comment section – www.ilooklikebarackobama.com

11. The zombie dance

Does Zombie’s Dance? – www.thezombiedance.com
Check out this site and write your review in the comment section

12.Zoom Quilt

The World of zooming, in this website an image will appear and it can be zoomed infinite times – zoomquilt.org


In this site whenever you move your cursor and stop on the website the point where stop the curve will show images pointing where your cursor stopped – www.pointerpointer.com


In this site, you can see a Weird Hypnotoad and his eye ball’s are dancing

15.Clever Bot

In this website, you can chat with a bot which will give you answers like a human – www.cleverbot.com


So These are the top 15 weird websites
What do you think of these websites and what’s your thought’s on it
you can share with us by commenting and if you know some more weird websites you can comment it

Have A Nice Day – Peace | Love | Unity.


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