C Programs

C Program to Print a Number

In this Program, you Will Learn C Program to Print a Number Using Data Types, Variables etc

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h> 						   
int main(void)							  
    int aNumber;						  
    printf( "Please enter a number: " );   
    scanf( "%d", &aNumber );			   
    printf( "You entered %d", aNumber );   
    return 0;							   

C Program to Print a Number Explanation

#include //A link to an external library file that handles standard input/output

int main(void) //A necessary function in every C program
//”int” means that this program must return an integer value
int aNumber; //An integer variable

printf( “Please enter a number: ” ); //Display a message on the screen
scanf( “%d”, &aNumber ); //Receive and store the value entered by the user
printf( “You entered %d”, aNumber ); //Display feedback to the user about the recent input received
getchar(); //A “trick” to prevent the program window from closing by waiting
//for an additional character to be typed
return 0; //0 means execution was successful and the operating system is now informed

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