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C Program on Data management using random access files

In this program, you will learn Data management using random access files in a c program.

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//Function prototypes
void readAndVerify(void);
void addTextToLocation();

int main(void) {


void readAndVerify(){
	int ch;
	FILE *fp;  // pointer to a file type
	char messageToWrite[] = "This message will be written to a file";

	// this array will store up tp 30 characters read from the file
	char textBuffer[30];

	// open the file for read/write using the w+ directive
	  // Change to match your path
	fwrite(messageToWrite, strlen(messageToWrite)+1, 1, fp);

	// Go back to the beginning of the file using fseek
	fseek(fp, SEEK_SET, 0);

	// Verify that the message has been written by reading the file
	// Read the same number of characters as the ones written above
	fread(textBuffer, strlen(messageToWrite)+1, 1, fp);

	printf("%s\n", textBuffer);

void addTextToLocation(){
	FILE *fp;

	fp = fopen("/Users/isacartzi/Documents/workspace/13_02/src/message", "w+"); // Change to match your path
	fputs("Not much to say today", fp);

	fseek(fp, 8, SEEK_SET);
	fputs(" to talk about", fp);


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